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Memories of Gatherings

BBQ 8-14-19 Kitchen Crew.jpg
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Lutherhaven Breakfast-Katie-Teri Venera
Lutherhaven Breakfast
Summer BBQ
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11-2-19 HolidayBazaar-Kathy+Pam.jpg

Groups and Committees


Love Day. Such an appropriate name for the gathering and actions of the Trinity Lutheran Church Women (TLCW). On Tuesdays, women gather at 9:00 am to make quilts and items for the Holiday Fest, and to study the Bible.

On the third Tuesday, women gather for a noon potluck and fellowship with a Bible study following. All are welcome!



Audit  To cause the audit of the financial records of the church annually.

Endowment  To enhance the mission outreach of this congregation APART from the general operation of the congregation, and to manage Endowment investments.  Scott Tostengard:  208-819-5743

Faith Formation  To coordinate education for adults and youth, Confirmation, Wednesday night Kids Club, planning of youth events.  

Grant MacLean:  208-449-8586

Fellowship  To foster Christian fellowship by promoting activities which bring together Trinity members and people from the community to socialize in ways which encourage community-building based in faith.

Krista Hartley: 208-704-8330,

Finance  Responsible for all funds of the congregation, the safekeeping, reporting and disbursement of same; and the specific duties as outlined in the policy manual.  
Scott Tostengard:  208-819-5743

TLC Learning Center  Responsible for oversight of the overall business of this Christ-centered learning environment for children. 

Carrie Gridley-Shenfield: 208-704-8330

Outreach  To encourage our congregation to do ministry at Trinity, in the community and beyond.  

Paula Moore:  208-664-5375

Property and Grounds  Annual contract decisions, decisions on contractors to hire when large maintenance issues arise, and on-going maintenance issues.
Frank Girardi: (315) 727-3589 


Staff Support  To serve as a sounding board and liaison for staff and between staff persons and congregation. 

Sue Baker 208-818-9188

Worship & Music  To provide creative, scripture-based worship events while supporting the pastor and church musician in their leadership of worship. 
Pr. Dan Forsgren: (208) 664-5743  

Stewardship  To provide leadership in the development of financial support and of member's volunteer contributions of time, talents and abilities. 

Nominating  To submit a list of qualified candidates for officers and Council positions. Grant MacLean: 208-449-2586

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