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We started at Friday Harbor and went to a church service The Lutheran Churches of the San Juan Islands. The service was entertaining and the community was very interactive. The service was also full of outgoing elderly people. After the service we went downstairs and greeted the community and had cookies and coffee. We drove to downtown Friday harbor and went to visit the Whale Museum. We saw a conjoined twin of a harbor seal. It died during birth and is the first and only of its kind. We also read about many of the orcas in the Puget Sound. The groups split up and went exploring around downtown Friday Harbor. We got some of the worlds hottest hot sauce, went to the book store, and then ended it all off with ice cream. After we had ice cream we went to the ferry and traveled to Orcas Island for a while. Then traveled over to Lopez Island for our final destination. Then we drove off the ferry to the state park where we set up our tents and hammocks. We met Nick Teague at the camp as he greeted us. Then we ended the whole day off by roasting hotdogs over the late night fire.

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