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Starting Our Summer Adventures

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

All school year the kids have pulled together to work towards our summer service trips helping at our booth at the North Idaho Fair with Pita Pit, selling calendars, hosting concerts at the church, selling soup at the TLCW Holiday Bazaar, serving Easter Breakfast, washing cars and helping with yard and window cleaning projects.

We worked hard and had fun and are so grateful to the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, our families and parents and everyone else who supported us. Thanks!

And now we head out into the world as God has called us.

The High School group will be traveling by train to Seattle, Tacoma and Portland to serve, explore and play from Monday, June 18th to Monday, June 25th. Watch for our daily blogs here as the youth share what they have been up to. Leave us a note as you check in.

The Middle School group will be helping out at Glacier National Park from Wednesday, July 18th to Sunday, July 22nd. Forest fires were happening last Fall when the group was having discussions about where we were being called to serve in the summer. They felt like Glacier was where we were needed. And the park rangers agreed. What a blessing!

Also, check for some pictures from our week at Camp Lutherhaven, Sunday, July 8th to Friday, July 13th.

Blessings for your summer from the Youth at TLC!

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