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Second Day of Glacier National Park

It took awhile for everyone to finally wake up, and they all trickled in to sit by the fire. The scrumptious breakfast gave much needed energy for the upcoming day.

We may have gotten a little bit lost on the way to headquarters, but we made it. We met with the ranger Carolyn where she gave us an educational presentation.

Here she explained what the invasive weeds, the native plants were, and showed different kinds of trees. After that the work began.

The work included pulling 5 different type of invasive weeds around the park.

After the picnic lunch we split into 3 groups, to continue picking weeds on a hiking trail. One group went up high on the mountain. Another went half way, and the other did it around the parking lot.

The work was hard, and then to the cold lake we went.

Lucy & Ashlynn

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