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Middle School Youth Hard at Work

Our third day of the trip and we are still having fun serving, growing and playing. Thanks for sending us!

There are moments of exhaustion….

And many moments wondering how these guys don’t loose everything…..

But mostly it is amazement at these wonderful kids who are so ready to serve others and more importantly hear people’s stories and learn from them.

We met Shannon and Jeffrey from Clarkston on Thursday. Jeffrey is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and Shannon is needing shoulder surgery. Their story is both sad and inspiring. The couple needed help catching up with some yard work and we had plenty of willing hands.

After working with Shannon and Jeffrey, we found a shady park for our picnic lunch and then spent several hours at Hells Gate State Park swimming and cooling off. We were ready to move into our cabin at Field’s Spring State Park in time for dinner with some down time and games.

Friday, we met Ann, the park aide at Field’s Spring who showed us how to clear brush from some trails around the park. That kept us busy all morning.

Then we cleaned campsites in the afternoon. After work projects, we took a ride down the Rattlesnake Grade to Boggan’s Oasis and the Grand Ronde river.

It was hot, HOT so ice cream and more swimming was needed.

Dead fish heads are always worth investigation.

We are at Asotin Food Bank right now, packaging split peas, cleaning floors and whatever else we are assigned. I will post pictures from our day if there is a chance before we head back to no cell phone service land. All is well with us and hoping all is well with you. Blessings from the TLC Middle School Group.

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