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Almost Ready After Working All Year!

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

During August, September and October last year, the TLC Youth Committee met, prayed and thought about where God was calling us to serve for our Summer 2017 Service trip. Belize was the answer and the youth were thrilled. But, it was a huge commitment for the 25 who signed up to go. It was a year of hard work ……

Easter Brunch and Silent Auction

Working a shift at the North Idaho State Fair in August. Thanks Pita Pit for partnering with us! We delivered phone books, served soup at the TLCW Bazaar, sold calendars, hosted music groups at church and helped at the Fair Trade Sale during the Fall 2016.

Then, the group had so much fun delivering flocks of flamingos under cover of darkness to unsuspecting people brightening snow covered yards and short winter days. Thanks to all who enjoyed our pink flocks and donated funds to flock friends and family.

Everyone going on the trip donated items for our Silent Auction which was held during the Easter Brunch. And finally, we offered our services to help individuals with yard work and window washing. Lots of people took us up on the offer and along with hard work, we have had so much fun working alongside congregation and community members.

So, we accomplished our financial goals to earn this trip through team work and sweat labor. Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged us!

Stay tuned as we follow the commandment to love our neighbor by

Belize Youth Mission Trip-Summer 2017

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