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Friday Funday

Friday wasn’t full of a lot of things to do. Mostly we just traveled to Portland, played games, and relaxed with a little project.

We all woke up at 5:45 am so we could finish cleaning the church in Tacoma and packing. We left from Tacoma at 8:15 am, and had a 3 and a half hour train ride to Portland. It was a beautiful trip but lots of us just decided to sleep more. Shortly after boarding we all had breakfast. For breakfast, some had breakfast sandwiches and others decided to go more for burgers instead. It was a nice ride into Portland.

The group arrived at the new church we are staying at around noon and settled in before having a little project to do for the food bank that runs out of the church we are staying in. Cleaning and drying bins was a short project but it helped them a lot. She gave us a tour of the food bank then we all decided to go have some down time. That time consisted of naps, games, and snacks. The day was fairly easy but felt much needed not only did we all have a lot of traveling and had to wake up early but tomorrow will be full of hard work and lots of exercise.

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