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First Real Day

The day started on a fast moving train, reclined seats and closed windows. As the sun peeked over the sound, a tour guide on the train explained defining features about places that we passed and things to do there. After we arrived at King street station, many were up and awake, but some were still rolling in the fabric seats. Leaving the station, all were wide awake and ready for the day, (with the exception of one sick guy) we all eagerly awaited the bus, but a simple ride would be too easy. After asking several strangers and checking the map countless times, we finally knew what bus would take us to the church that we would be staying at. We all awaited the savior bus, but after a 30 minute wait, when the bus showed up, the driver slammed the door with a quick “can’t take anymore” and drove off. After a few dazed minutes, we decided to take the bus that went nearest and walk from there. After a short walk we arrived at the host church and unpacked, but we’re not slow to the job. Our group split into teams and started cleaning and organizing the church kitchen while the other team cleaned the dining room.

When we finished with our service project for the day, we decided to go somewhere to cool off. The chaperones decided that the best place would be the fountain at the Seattle Center. We took a bus there, which didn’t take nearly as long as the ride to the church, and played in the fountain.

We were there for about an hour of time in the water, and then decided to go get ice cream from the place right next to it. We were all ready to go back to the church, because we were tired and wet, and ready to just hang out and eat pizza.

Overall, it was a great but exhausting first day.

By Grant and Otto

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