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Day 4 - Connections on our Belize Adventures

Tuesday was a good day in Belize!

We again broke up into 2 groups to continue to serve the communities of Succotz and Benque. The group in Succotz mixed concrete and moved cinderblocks to add to the growing walls of the dormitory addition.

A small group also started to paint the outside of the community primary school that is located on the camp grounds.

And a smaller group went into the church in the village and installed ceiling fans and repaired the electricity for the Sunday School building. Progress in all 3 projects!

The Benque group began the day working with the youth group from the church to assemble 30 food baskets. We formed teams with both CdA and Benque youth to go out and deliver the food.

The people were so welcoming, inviting us into their homes, visiting with us and even sharing fruit from their trees.

The afternoon was spent at the park playing with the youth and kids in the community.

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