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Day 2 - 2021 Belize Adventures

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We were blessed with an uneventful day 2 of our trip. Shuttle to the airport and the plane ride from Denver to Belize City went smooth.

Customs in Belize was quick. Thank you to all the parents who completed the legal forms, they were used.

Praying Pelican staff met us at the airport and we were on our way to the Nazarene Camp.

Pastor Mark and Glendy had lunch for us to eat on the way while we watched the countryside of Belize roll by. 2 hours later we arrived.

There was some down time when we arrived at camp. We found a basketball court, trees for a hammock city, the dining hall with community members who will cook for us and dorms with bunkbeds and bathrooms. We are set!

Church service in Benque started at 7pm. The Pastor greeted everyone in our group with hugs. Before the service started, 5 bats flew in to liven things up. They were ushered out with brooms and then the music started. For an hour, we sang and prayed. What an experience!

The youth performed a tambourine dance. These are the people we get to hang out with for the next 4 days and we are blessed.


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