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Day 1 2021 Belize Adventures

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

And we were on our way to Belize!

The flight from Spokane to Denver was a breeze. The plane to Chicago was waiting for us in Denver just 4 gates down. Easy peasy.......boarded the plane and headed down the runway for take off. That's when the day got complicated. The pilot turned off the engines and announced that we would be waiting on the tarmac for an hour due to thunderstorms in Chicago. In true youth group form, we had a party in the back section of the plane. One hour turned into 2 hours and more. Finally the pilot announced we were headed back to the terminal to wait out the thunderstorms and tornado in Chicago....and now the thunderstorm in Denver.

The group was happy to deplane and get some lunch. Snacks would only cover us for so long. We grabbed lunch and brought it back to the gate, ready for the signal to get back on.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Dustin, my nephew, United employee in Chicago and now youth group superhero was working to hold the plane headed from Chicago to Belize. He was also researching a plan B in case that didn't work. Unfortunately, Chicago couldn't hold the plane any longer or they would have to restaff it.

Complication #22....the United staff told us to board the plane to Chicago in order to keep our tickets active. So on the plane we went again. Superhero Dustin to the rescue, he made phone calls to many people and we were pulled off the plane again. Dustin's plan B - overnight in Denver and fly out in the morning on a non stop to Belize City.

Our incredibly awesome adult chaperones found a place for the group to hang out while Gavin and I went to customer service to deal with flight changes and let United know that hotel accommodations were on them.

Hotel rooms and meal vouchers secured, we headed to Quality Inns picked up by their shuttle.

Dominos for dinner and an early bedtime so we were ready for a 6am shuttle to the airport.

Day 1 - ✔

All parents of these kids and the congregation who they are representing should be incredibly proud of how they handled the day. Each one of them did what they were asked with a smile, made the most of each moment and said that it was all a part of the adventure.

Looking forward to the rest of the adventures with this group,


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