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Day 1

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Today we left the church at 7:30am and we drove for what felt like a million hours and then finally got to stop in Leavenworth WA for lunch and a quick walk around town.We got to go into the all the German stores and bakeries and funny hat shops. After that we got back on the road. We finally arrived at the church in Anacortis, we unpacked and settled in. After that, we played some games and ate dinner. Then to finish out the day, we went to an awesome pool with a slide, a diving board, a rope swing, and a wibbit which is a big floating platform which you have to run across and then slide down a slide. We had lots of fun jumping, flipping, and flipping into the pool in various ways. We thankfully were able to use the showers (for penny's sake) and get cleaned off before we go camping tomorrow.

-Palmer, Lydia, Susanna

ps. Sorry for late posting technical difficulties in posting the blog

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