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A Prayer for Sunday

Divine Creator of Heaven and Earth, Our faith in You is the very essence of our joy! You protect us and provide for us, that we may know peace and plenty in serving you. Through the endless bounty of Your Blessings we discover our own spiritual fulfillment. We fix our hearts on You in praise and gratefulness. Our needs are now and forever met in Your Eternal Promise of Salvation. O Beloved, The splendor and beauty of your Holy Design radiates through all the facets of our world. Your Blessing welcomes us when we awaken to the priceless gift of living another day to worship and praise You. Your Grace and Sacrifice reassure us that following Your Path will ever draw You nearer to our hearts. Our eternal salvation is assured through Your Unending Mercy. In the gift of Your Divine Providence we are made immeasurably rich. Wonderful Counselor, we lift our hearts to you and praise Your Holy and Blessed Name!

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