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A Prayer for Sunday

Most Wonderful Counselor, we pray to Thee, Abide with us, Father, in our hour of need as well as our hour of triumph. All the days of our lives we seek to serve You. Keep us mindful of each other's needs, Lord, that through both prayer and deed we may bless those among us who are most in need of knowing You. May Your Divine Purpose forever be the passion within our souls. Heavenly Father, we thank You for each opportunity given us to embrace Your teachings. When we show compassion to those suffering or longing, we praise you in that moment that you would allow us to be Your hands. When we protect and provide for those who cannot do so for themselves, it is Your Glorious Face they see shining through the darkness. Draw us ever closer to You, O Beloved, that we may truly love You with all our hearts.

Blessed be Your Most Holy and Precious Name. 

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