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A Prayer for Sunday

Dear God, I'd like to thank you for the things you've given me. For life itself, and for a life worth living. There's enough in my world to keep me interested and growing. There's enough I lack to keep me occupied with learning. I am truly the child of a loving God, and in all ways you show me that giving my whole heart unto you is the true path to my happiness here on Earth and my promise of salvation in your Almighty

Ever after. Father in Heaven, my mind is yours to teach, my feet are yours to guide, and my hands are yours to command. Praise be unto you, Beloved, that I'm given an opportunity to be used to further your message of Grace and Peace here on Earth. Guide my heart, Lord, that in all my doings I glorify only You. Thank you, Father, for all the days of my life. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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