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Meet Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan Forsgren and his family arrived in North Idaho October, 2014. Dan and Sarah have been married for 21 years, and have three children: Donny, Karis, and William. 

September 2023  

Well, it has been three years since we last gathered with our brothers and sisters from the other two ELCA congregations in Kootenai County.  It is about time we do it again!  A worship service is being planned for Sunday September 17, 2023, at the Grand Pavilion in Q’emiln Park, Post Falls.  Worship will begin at 10am with a brunch potluck to follow.  There will be a joint choir that will rehearse at 8:30 that morning, no previous experience is necessary.  I hope that you will be able to join us as we join our voices, our hearts, and our hands in worship of the Lord. You may have heard that there has been a meeting between Calvary, Lutheran Church of the Master, and Trinity in late July.  There was a delegation from each congregation that met with the purpose of exploring any potential collaboration between our congregations.  For example, the last two years Pastor Matt from Calvary and I have joined together to offer a more robust confirmation program for our youth; utilizing the different skillset each of us brings and creating a larger group to walk through this journey together.  We are on for year three!  Matt and I have been excited about this experiment, and both feel that the experience has been beneficial for our respective groups.  We are hopeful that the interim at Lutheran Church of the Master will want to join us!


From that meeting, it was decided that we should bring back the Tri-Lutheran worship as a way to further relationship between our congregations, and then to have further conversation to see where else we can combine resources to further God’s mission in our community.  These conversations will be intentional, with a focus on joint efforts on how we can be more effective as ELCA Lutherans in Kootenai County.


It reminded me of how I would, in my last call, take youth each year on a mission trip, but then on the third year bring them to the larger ELCA National Youth Gatherings to remind them that we are a small part of God’s greater mission in the world.  I believe those gatherings, joining together for fellowship, service, and worship, were an essential part of bringing Jesus’ words about His desire that his followers be one to life. Again, I hope that you will join us on the 17th as we worship together with our ELCA Lutheran brothers and sisters in Kootenai County; reminding us that while we are each distinct congregations, we are also part of something much larger than any of us individually. 

In Christ,

Pastor Dan Forsgren

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