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Meet Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan Forsgren and his family arrived in North Idaho October, 2014. Dan and Sarah have been married for 18 years, and have three children: Donny (16), Karis (12), and William (10). 

Leading this Coeur d'Alene congregation includes Sunday morning messages to our children, and all manner of faith formation, including the occasional stint as a Christmas extra! 

May 2021

I finally turned on my sprinklers at home this past weekend. So far this season, I have mowed the back yard twice and the front yard once. Karis had asked me why the lawn was looking so much better out back; the grass was tall and deep green, it looked and felt lush, and when mowed regularly, it is a pleasant, albeit small space.


Out front though, things were more brown and yellow than green. Except, of course, for the dandelions. Dandelions have been a struggle in my household, I have seen them as a blight on the lawn which, if left unchecked, will overtake every square inch of available space. Sarah, on the other hand, sees them and sees joy; she sees bunches of “flowers” grasped in little hands and remembers sweet little voices saying, “Mommy, look what I picked for you!”


I’ll let you guess who has won this struggle of wills…I’ll give you a hint though, if you were to drive by my house you will see bright spots of yellow springing up all over the place. I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to dandelions, I’ve tried to look at them not as simply a weed that needs to be gotten rid of, but as an opportunity to experience a little bit of God’s good creation, trying to reframe them into something positive.


It may sound silly, but I have been known to give way to the honeybees. If I am mowing and see a honeybee on a dandelion, I’ll either go around it, or wait until it is done with that particular flower before continuing to mow. I have a soft spot in my heart for honeybees, and absolutely love to see them working. A little more joy with the dandelions and the clover that will spring up later in the year.


But back to water. The back yard has more shade, and while I don’t have sprinklers out back, the shade helps to keep more moisture in the yard. In the front however, most of the yard is exposed to the morning and afternoon sun, it has done its damage.


At the time I am writing this the sprinklers have been on only 3 days and already the front yard is greening up. When I got back from my morning walk, I was amazed at how much better it looks in just a short amount of time.


It got me to thinking about how much a difference it makes, getting what we need. The grass needed regular watering, life has come back…or perhaps it was just hidden, waiting for what it needed to flourish once again.


I think people are like that as well. I believe that there are situations and circumstances in our lives that affect us to the point where we end up being closed off to the potential of life. And when we get whatever it is that we needed, we are strengthened, we are nurtured, we are watered with whatever that good stuff might be, and we feel refreshed, renewed, ready to face the world once again.


Is that maybe where you’ve found yourself? This past 13-14 months have forced upon us some pretty major changes; or maybe you’re there but not Covid related. What is it that you need, that is life-giving to you? This Spring has done wonders for me, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; I feel like I have been watered and am ready to flourish once again…I feel thankful. Or maybe you didn’t feel the effects the same way and have felt normal (whatever that is) all along, if so, give thanks, that you’ve continued to be fed with what you need to live life, to flourish, to bear good fruit, to love as we have first been loved.

In Christ,

Pastor Dan